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Creating a Pleasant Life (harmony with our neighbors and our planet)

Ryohin Keikaku contributes to society through our business activities.

  • In 1980 Ryohin Keikaku launched the MUJI brand under the catch phrase "Lower priced for a reason." MUJI was created to promote low price and high value products, based on the in-house development experience of Seiyu GK, the umbrella group of Ryohin Keikaku.
  • The basic principle of MUJI merchandise development is to create products that are fundamental, practical and really necessary in daily life, and to ensure efficient and minimal manufacturing processes. Based on this concept, we constantly review our materials and designs, streamline time and labor in the manufacturing process and simplify our packaging. For many years our simple, elegant and functional products have earned the respect and appreciation of our customers.
  • Over 30 years has passed since the birth of MUJI, and we are still applying and developing our basic principles, responding to our customers, and ensuring the MUJI brand means Pleasant (well-designed, well-made and environmentally-friendly) products and services; in this way we will offer the opportunity of a Pleasant Life (harmony with our neighbors and our planet) to people throughout the world.
    Ryohin Keikaku believes that through our business activities we are able to satisfy our customers, offer simplicity, harmony and beauty, and contribute to the greater community.
  • As a company that promotes a Pleasant Life we proclaim and implement three promises for corporate operation, three viewpoints for product development—the fundamentals of business operation—and three criteria for manufacturing.

Three Promises for Corporate Operation (excerpt from Vision of gryohin (good product)h, Corporate Philosophy)

  • Make challenges for global growth and development through fair and transparent business activities.
    Rise to the challenge of global growth and development with fair and transparent business activities.
  • Inquire into and offer new values and attractiveness of good products from the viewpoint of people.
    From the customer viewpoint, seek and offer new value and appeal.
  • To all age groups and the different communities (customers, growers, manufacturers, etc.) connected with Ryohin Keikaku, offer the vision of a sustainable Pleasant Life.

Three Viewpoints for Product Development

  • Problem solving though design
  • Examination of materials and processes
  • Simplification of packaging

Three Criteria for Manufacturing

  • Ryohin Standards (Quality Standards)
  • Ryohin Keikaku Environment, Labor and Safety Management (The Code of Conduct for Business Partners)
  • Major materials not used or controlled
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