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My Bags with Children's Artworks

My Bags with Children's Artworks

Kids Earth Fund (KEF) is a specified non-profit organization that donates art materials, picture books, medical supplies, etc., to children around the world who suffer from the results of disease, wars, disasters, and other traumatic experiences. KEF is also dedicated to heal children's heart through art to give warmth and hope.
MUJI sponsors KEF by selling My Bags printed with the paintings for the children by the children.

Not only Japan, but the entire world has been captivated by the power and the emotion of the children's artwork. Today, the activity includes not only children's art workshops but also exhibitions, corporate collaborations to create marketable products, and much more.

In August 2017 we also began to support the program through MUJI Online Fundraising system.

MUJI will continue to support KEF through sales of these limited edition of My Bags. 15 yen is donated to KEF for each bag sold.