Corporate Philosophy

Identify and deliver MUJI value and appeal from the perspective of the people who use our products.
Work toward global growth and development by operating a fair and transparent MUJI business.
Deliver the abundance inherent in good products by respecting associates and building relationships of trust with business partners.

Our Ideals

What is MUJI's Place in the World?

What is our place in the world? To pursue the essential nature of objects and ideas. To look at the world through new eyes, aware of the intimate interactions between people and their surroundings. To be true to our commitment to elegant simplicity and conscientious design.
We make good products that exist for good reasons. Our products create an ideal sense of satisfaction in our customers, helping them understand the beauty of living in elegant simplicity.

Our Goals

Where are we headed?

Our number one goal is the happiness of everyone who works at Ryohin Keikaku. Our ideal corporate culture is one in which all employees and staff are encouraged to try new challenges, to work hard, and to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is how we can embody the MUJI philosophy and become a world-class company with world-class profits.

Our Values

What do we value most?

What do we value most at Ryohin Keikaku? Loyalty and honesty. Concern for others. Cultivating relationships of trust. Thinking about how we affect our world and the world. Challenging ourselves to go a bit further. Finishing what we start.
These values form the foundation on which we stand as we reach toward our goals.