About Ryohin Keikaku

When was it established?
June 30 1989.
What is the corporate philosophy of Ryohin Keikaku?
Please look up Corporate Philosophy.
I want to know about MUJI.
Please see What is MUJI?.
Tell me about companies in the Ryohin Keikaku Group.
Please see Group Companies.

About business

What is the business of Ryohin Keikaku?
Ryohin Keikaku's major business is the planning, production and sale of MUJI products. Also, we operate MUJI Net Store (Online Store), Café MUJI, Meal MUJI and campsites, and we supply products to FamilyMart, MUJIcomKIOSK (JR East Retail Net Co.,Ltd.) and ASKUL.
What is the basic management policy of Ryohin Keikaku?
Since establishment, Ryohin Keikaku has been selling clothes, sundry and food products which are developed by eliminating product-related waste, to sell them at prices agreeable to consumers, based on our concept of "practical products at lower price".
We propose lifestyles by operating shops exclusively selling products developed by Ryohin Keikaku, under the same concept.
How many stores does Ryohin Keikaku have in Japan?
Please see Corporate Information.
Where is the company's biggest store in Japan?
MUJI's flagship shop is MUJI Yurakucho.
Tell me about overseas stores.
Please see Corporate Information.
What are the business risks?
Refer to "5 [Business Risks]" in the annual securities report.
The annual securities report is electronically available via "EDINET" (electronic disclosure system for annual securities reports and other documents based on the Securities and Exchange Act) prepared by the Financial Services Agency.
For details, refer to the EDINET Web site at the URL below.
What is your company's basic policy on corporate governance?
We aim to establish good relationships with all stakeholders. We seek to differentiate ourselves from other companies, establish a strong presence and win the trust of our customers, enhancing our corporate value. We have therefore been making improvements in manufacturing, sales, and customer service in order to enhance our reputation and strengthen the "MUJI (Mujirushi Ryohin)" brand image. We pledge to make fair and transparent disclosures to shareholders, and by improving business performance and increasing returns to shareholders we will demonstrate our reliability. In our relationships with employees, we guide them toward achieving our company's goals and establish an open and stimulating corporate culture so that employees can realize their full potential. Our organizational management processes ensure constant self-reflection and self-discipline.

About business results

Tell me about the business results of Ryohin Keikaku.
Please see Financial Highlights or Financial Results.
I want to see the latest business results.
Please see Financial Highlights or Financial Results.
How about major financial indexes?
Please see Financial Highlights.
Tell me the schedule of announcements of business results, such as monthly reports and reports on accounts settlement.
About our business results, please see IR Calendar.
We announce monthly business results at 15:00 or later on the second business day of every month.
*The above day may be changed for reasons such as disclosure regulations.
In which month does the fiscal year end for group companies?
February for domestic subsidiaries, January for subsidiaries in Europe, and December for subsidiaries in Asia and U.S.
What does "operating profit" mean?
It is the profit from our core business (product sales).
In addition to sales, royalty revenue, income from leases, profits from commissions, and profits from transportation charges are included.
What are the target management benchmarks of your company?
We recognize that pursuing high levels of growth and profit to maximize our corporate value are essential for business management that places ultimate importance on our relationship with shareholders. Hence we continually strive to grow our company and as target management benchmarks, we aim for 15% in ROE and 380 yen in EPS.

About stocks

Which stock exchange lists Ryohin Keikaku and what is the security code?
The company is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. The security code is 7453.
When was Ryohin Keikaku listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange for the first time?
Ryohin Keikaku's shares were registered as over-the-counter shares of Japan Securities Dealers Association in August 1995. In December 1998, the company was listed on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange; and in the first section in August 2000.
Tell me the number of shares in a trading unit.
What is Ryohin Keikaku's concept concerning dividends (profit-sharing)?
Ryohin Keikaku pays out dividends with a target of about 30% of the non-consolidated payout ratio (annual) and determines dividends by considering the business environment and results, and the retained profit required to raise corporate value. Revision will be made gradually.
How about historical dividends paid to the shareholders?
Please see Financial Highlights or Financial Results.
When are the ordinary general meetings of the shareholders held?
They are held in May every year.
Are there complimentary services for the shareholders?
Ryohin Keikaku does not provide such services.