Warning on "無印良品""MUJI"Fake Products & Unauthorized Sales in China

Recently, many products have been observed in sale on the famous Chinese web-sites under our trade marks "MUJI" and "無印良品" among which genuine products are of course included such as those firstly purchased by an individual consumer who later offered in an auction page of the site, however, majority of which are the fake produced with ill-intention and/or those illegally flew out of our factory including ,but not limited to, B-class and/or disqualified products both are in any way, unauthorized products .

In spite of our continuous efforts to eliminate such illegal and unauthorized merchadise flow into the market, which is, regret to say but, next to impossible under current surroundings there.

One thing we wish to remind our dear customers is that all our genuine products are only sold in China at our ownly managed "無印良品 MUJI"shops and we wish also remind that we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused to the customers including any quality claim and so on.

For such purpose, our annoucement had been carried on "21st Century Business Herald" on 18th of February, 2008 as "Impartial Statement II".@Our own shop list in China is shown on the statement for avoidance of confusion among the consumers.

We are pleased to inform that we have succeeded to remove 無印良品 MUJI Shop in a famous department store in Beijing as of the end of January, this year. The shop was managed by a free-rider who registered our marks prior to our application but their registrations had been invalidated by the court finally.

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Tokyo, JAPAN