Privacy Policy

Ryohin Keikaku and our affiliates are highly aware of the importance of personal information and believe that the protection of personal information should be one of the major obligations of the companies. We perform the following in compliance with laws concerning personal information, our personal information protection policy and regulations, and other regulations in order to handle personal information appropriately.

1. Gathering, use and provision of personal information

When we gather personal information, we clarify the purposes and use the information only for the purposes agreed by the relevant person. We will not provide or disclose personal information to any third party without consent.

2. Personal information management

We prudently manage personal information to ensure that the information is always accurate and up to date. We implement safety management measures to prevent, and to strengthen the barriers against, unlawful access to, or loss , destruction, altering or leaks of, personal information.

3. Announcement and disclosure

When a person makes a request concerning his or her personal information (to notify or disclose the purposes of use; to modify, add or delete part of; to cease the use of or delete his/her personal information, etc.), we will respond in compliance with the laws concerning personal information.

4. Improvements in the compliance program

We upgrade our regulations and systems to efficiently and appropriately protect personal information, and revise and modify them constantly.