The Sales of "Chiba Vege" (Non-standard Vegetable) started at "Shokoku Ryouhin" of MUJI Online Store

To support producers by expanding their sales channels for non-standard vegetables, MUJI launched sales of non-standard vegetable set “Chiba Prefecture Ennou Yasai Pack” provided by “Chiba Vege” on Wednesday, April 29, at the direct delivery site “Shokoku Ryohin” of MUJI online store.

“Chiba Vege” is an activity to sell non-standard vegetables, which was launched in response to the massive agricultural damage caused by Typhoon No. 15 in September last year. With Chiba Prefecture – the disaster-stricken area – as the starting point, we are working to spread initiatives that support producers nationwide. We are working to eliminate food loss, reduce agricultural products being disposed without distribution, and support producers in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, we are involved in the promotion of agriculture in Chiba Prefecture through the management of direct sales outlets for agricultural products in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture and the sale of agricultural products in stores. When we participated in a reconstruction event for Typhoon No.15 last autumn, we got to know about the activity of “Chiba Vege” and that was how the connection was born.

Now, with the spread of COVID-19, restaurants that used non-standard vegetables have been suspended, and events such as Marche have been paused or scaled down one after another. As a result, vegetables that are not normally distributed in the market are losing their sales channel.

The “Chiba Prefecture Ennou Yasai Pack” is a set of six to eight non-standard seasonal vegetables that are damaged, varied in shape, or cannot be distributed normally for various reasons. The shape of each vegetable varies, but they are all grown carefully by the producer, and the variation in shape does not affect flavour at all. The price is 2,580 yen (including consumption tax + 500 yen shipping charge). We plan to deliver packages of radish, turnip, carrot, and spinach from the start of sales to mid-May.

We will continue to support “Chiba Vege” activity through sales, and to expand the sales channels for non-standard vegetables to support farmers in Chiba Prefecture.

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