Sales of Limited Vegetable Set from Minami Boso

This year's Golden Week holiday was designated “Stay Home Week”, and leisure facilities and tourist spots throughout the country were closed with the highest priority given to avoiding unnecessary, non-urgent outings and preventing the spread of the COVID-19. Similarly, roadside stations and direct sales outlets nationwide were closed. However, there are many producers who ship their produce mainly to these locations.

MUJI would like to support these producers. As a result, the Store Sales Division, the Food Division, Social Good Business Unit, and the EC Division worked together to directly sell vegetables from producers affected by the spread of the COVID-19. Vegetables planned to be sold at roadside station and farm products direct sales outlets in the Minami Boso region of Chiba Prefecture, which were closed during the Golden Week holidays, were collected to Sato-no-MUJI Minami-no-Sato and sold as Minami Boso Vegetable Sets (2,000 yen including consumption tax + shipping charge) on the "Shokoku Ryouhin" page in MUJI Online Store. Vegetables were delivered directly from the producers to Minami-no-Sato every morning, and were packed locally on the same day, shipped by cool mail, and delivered freshly to the customers.

The 300 sets of Minami Boso Vegetables Set were sold out in less than one day after the sales began at 11:00 AM on Friday. 90 additional sets were added, but they were also sold out within the same day. The Vegetables Set was well received by many customers and was very popular.

From Friday, May 1 to Wednesday, May 6, there was a total of 390 shipments of Vegetable Set from Minami-no-Sato. During the shipping operation in the morning, we heard many words of gratitude from local farmers who delivered products to us, saying "this really helped me a lot!" and "I'm grateful".

We will continue our efforts to support the local people and community through our store sales, even after the sales of the Vegetable Set is completed. Please stay tuned for more future initiatives.

*Information is current as of the date of issue of the individual article.